Extremity dosimetry means individual dosimetric monitoring with Harshaw thermoluminescent dosimeters to measure Hp(0.07). EN ISO 15382 Standard “Radiological protection – Procedures for monitoring the dose to the lens of the eye, the skin and the extremities”, recommends, for nuclear medicine, that the ring is worn at the base of the index finger of the non-dominant hand.

The dosimetric extremity monitoring services with Harshaw thermoluminescent dosimeters include:

-Monthly shipment of extremity dosimeters, before the 1st of each month

-Interpretation of the thermoluminescent signal, measurement and reporting of Hp(0.07). Availability of results: 2-5 working days from receiving the dosimeters worn, through RepDoz online database

-Issuance of dosimeter bulletins, warning reports when the monthly derived limit is exceeded, annual reports containing the cumulated dose for the previous calendar year

-Online access to monitoring results and visualization of dose history.


Description of the extremity dosimeter

Wear instructions