Neutron dosimetry means individual dosimetric monitoring with albedo thermoluminescent dosimeters (Harshaw) to determine the dose of the neutron component of the mixed neutron-gamma field, in the particular case of industrial applications.

Traceability of measurements is ensured by calibration of Panasonic thermoluminescent dosimetric system within SSDL laboratory of the Czech Metrology Institute, at sources of 241Am-Be and 252Cf.

The system performance was assessed based on type tests carried out in SSDL laboratory, while maintenance of system performance was verified by participation in the European inter-laboratory comparison exercise to determine Hp(10) for neutrons, IC2012n, organized by EURADOS.

The dosimetric neutron monitoring services with Harshaw TLDs include:

-Monthly shipment of neutron dosimeters, before the 1st of each month

-Interpretation of the thermoluminescent signal, measurement and reporting of Hp(10). Availability of results: 2-5 working days from receiving the dosimeters worn, through RepDoz online database

-Issuance of dosimeter bulletins, warning reports when the monthly derived limit is exceeded, annual reports containing the cumulated dose for the previous calendar year

-Online access to monitoring results and visualization of dose history

Advantages of using Harshaw neutron dosimeters:

-Modern technology, detectors made of tissue-equivalent material

-Low detection limit

Instructions for wearing neutrons

TLD dosimeter for neutrons 2019